Polished Tavern

Authentic Polish Cocktails and Cuisine in Downtown Denver


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    A great spot! Love the pierogies. The best thing though was the bigos with polish sausage. So tasty! Nice feature was ice boxes at the tables to put your beers to keep cold.

    Marc H, Yorkville, Manhattan, NY

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    I went here for the first time a few weeks ago.  Short story, I have had perogies only one time before this visit (in a place a shall not mention) and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Oh my goodness... I loved the pork perogies! It took everything not to lick my plate afterward and I was loving the mushroom sauce for my meal as well!  The staff was very friendly and helpful with assisting me in my meal decision.  I was nothing but satisfied when I left.  I'm so excited that I finally tried this place and will definitely be returning soon!

    Jamie J, Denver, CO

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    Loved it! We were in town for 6 days and spent most of our nights here.Friendly staff, and lots of vodka! I highly recommend the Zubrowka.

    James P, Graham, WA.